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Exhibition on the Royal Prussian Eastern Railroad

Bruecke_von_Dirschau_klein ©Dr. Jan Musekamp

In 2008, Dr. Jan Musekamp taught a class on the history of the Royal Prussian Eastern Railroad Berlin-Königsberg. On a field trip with Polish, Russian, and German students, the group traveled by rail from Berlin to Kaliningrad. In 2010, under Jan Musekamp's supervision, the students designed a Polish-German exhibition.

1. Polish-German Exhibition

We present past and present of the line Berlin-Königsberg on 15 roll-ups. The exhibition may be  borrowed. Please contact You may find information on the exhibition in the catalogue:

2. Polish-German Exhibition Catalogue

The catalogue combines two paper presentations and the most important topics of the exhibition.

Download exhibition catalogue in high resolution

Download exhibition catalogue in low resolution


A project of Institute for Applied History and Center for Euroregional Studies in Gorzów Wlkp./Poland.

The Project was supported by the European Fund for Regional Development within the framework of the Operational Program for Crossborder Cooperation Poland (Vojvodship Lubuskie)-Brandenburg  2007-2013, Small Project Fund and Network Fund of Euroregion Pro Europa Viadrina.