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Christian Dietrich

My key activities include empirical and theoretical research on anti-Semitism. In addition, I worked for several years on Jewish Defence Associations. I turned that topic into the subject of my dissertation, which I wrote in the Walther Rathenau graduate school at the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies. In my PhD thesis, I highlight the early years of the "Central Association of German Citizens of Jewish Faith." My aim was to answer the question how the largest association of German Jews changed from the non-religious and liberal club of 1893 into an organization with increasingly religious themes and openly anti-Zionist positions.

My current research interest is the internal Jewish debate on emigration around 1900, a combination of biography, social utopia and migration. It is interdisciplinary. Why? Who deals with utopias and migration uses sociological tools and explores a historical object. My motto: Don’t spend too much time within the four walls of your discipline.