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Exile, Emigration and Remigration (particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia)

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Concerning the public and academic dialogue about Nazi-Germany and its consequences, the chair's thematic focus on questions of exile is of particular importance. This interdisciplinary field of research involves, in research as well as in teaching, the exile of arts, literature and sciences. It is transnational and also considers the meaning of exile during the post-war period. Moreover, the chair especially supports research on areas of exile that have not yet been covered, like Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America or Asia. At a point in time when perspectives, questions and topics of exile research are consolidating, we see the need for readjustment. The chair thus wants to formulate new research questions when dealing with sources, taking into consideration new theoretical shifts – for example in the context of identity studies, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, the presentation of Jewish literature and history, gender studies as well as the culture, history and literature of the post-war period. Last but not least, the chair aims to put such methodical innovations into dialogue with current research on migration phenomena.