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German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History

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One of the most important tasks of the interdisciplinary chair is to contribute to the reconstruction and presentation of German-Jewish literature and culture history in the context of the European modernity. The broad spectrum of this topic area complies with the variety of courses offered and the research topics of the chair staff. The topics range from dealing with the works and contributions of German-Jewish authors as an innovative part of

literary culture in Germany (→ Habitation "Precarious Practices of Friendship Between Jewish and non-Jewish Authors Since the German Enlightenment: Politics and Aesthetics.") to the development of new research questions in the area of tension of antisemitism, Jewish identity and political culture (→ Habilitation "In the Shadow of August Bebel. Attitudes of the Social Democracy to Antisemitism and Zionism (1918-1932)") and the analysis of memory and commemoration after Auschwitz. A regional focal point lies on research about Jewish life in Berlin and Brandenburg (→ chair research projects).