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Visualization of Exile and Diaspora Memory

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The last most recent professional focus besides an interdisciplinary research and teaching deals with the visualization and virtualization of exile and diaspora memory. This also entails making use of and extending existing University archive resources (like the Karl Dedecius Archives) and the integration of these resources for future research projects, conferences, teaching projects and public events. 

In May 2014 the DFG-funded "Digital Archive of Jewish Authors in Berlin 1933-1945" (DAjAB) started working as a digital pilot project. A supplementary “Online Encyclopedia of Jewish Authors in Nazi-Germany” (Online-Lexikon jüdischer Autorinnen und Autoren im nationalsozialistischen Deutschland, OLjA) is planned.

With these endeavors, the chair engages in furthering the documentation of the persecution of Jewish authors in Nazi-Germany on a virtual level. The result will be a unique, worldwide collection, hosted at European University Viadrina.

All this aims at turning the chair into an active participant in a general dialogue about the role of remembrance, memory, literature, and history in our society. Its declared goals are to engage in interreligious and intercultural dialogue, by documenting and working through cases of ethnical motivated persecution, and to promote tolerance for better ways of cohabitation.