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Jeanette-Christine Bauer



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Research and teaching fields

Linguistic multimodality and its connection to Performance Studies              





Academic career

seit 03/2023


Academic Assistant

Chair for Language Use and Multimodal Communication

seit 10/2021      


Doctoral Student

within theInternational PhD Study Programme in Social and Cultural Sciences of the European University Viadrina

Political performance and multimodal communication of the parties Prawo i Sprawiedlisość and Alternative für Deutschland (working title)

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller (EUV Frankfurt (Oder)), prof. UAM dr hab. Juliusz Tyszka (Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań)

10/2017 - 09/2019      Student Assistant

Peer Tutor for language learning at the Viadrina Language Centre)

Academic education



Master of Arts Languages, Communication and Cultures in Europe at the European University Viadrina

Track: Intercultural Communication Studies

Double Degree with the Adam Mickiewicz University / Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań

Political Performance of the party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). Defamation and Credibility Strategies as a Means of Image Building



Bachelor of Art Spanish (major subject), Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen

Autocrítica a través del otro



Bachelor of Arts Allgemeine Rhetorik (General Rhetoric) (major subject), Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Die manipulative Rhetorik Hitlers



Winter term 2022/2023 M.A. (AMU) Philosophy of Culture (together with Marcin Oleś, focus: Performance Studies), scientific supervision: prof. UAM dr hab. Przemysław Rotengruber



ZeM, Potsdam, Graduate conference “un:real Spaces of Interaction Forms"

Workshop (60min.) 'Analysekonzept affektiver Ausdrucksbewegungen'

together with Katerina Papadopoulou

(only involved in the preparation due to illness)


Bauer, Jeanette-Christine (2021). Drawing the Picture of the Evil Immigrant. Framing and Reiteration as a Means of Defamation. In: Przemysław Rotengruber and Juliusz Tyszka (eds.), Cultural Course Correction or Back to the Past?, 51-78. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Kontekst.

Bauer, Jeanette-Christine (2021). ‘The Government and the Media Are Our True Enemies’. How German-Right-wing Populists Use False Evidence to Reverse the Reporting. In Przemysław Rotengruber and Juliusz Tyszka (eds.), Cultural Course Correction or Back to the Past?, 79-108. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Kontekst.  </