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Autumn school – Border Crossers in Theory and Practice

Campus Herbst 2010 IMG_7686 (Foto Heide Fest, Pressestelle) ©Heide Fest

The autumn school – “Border Crossers in Theory and Practice – From the Permeability of the Border to the Linearity of New Actors and Areas?” thematically circles around the following question: In which context exist the permeability of borders, the drawing of borders and the emergence of new actors and areas? And what role in this is played by the figure of the border crosser? This five-day event is devoted to the interdisciplinary examination and heuristics of border concepts together with various thematic focal points, whereby border crossers are examined both in the form of institutions (e.g. in cross-border co-operations) and in the form of subjects (e.g. agents).

The following areas will be examined:

I.             Border theory
II.            Cross-border governance
III.           Border security
IV.           Cultural border crossers
V.            Agents


You can find the program of the opening event here.

You can find the program of the public presentations here.