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Beyond language boundaries: use of L1 and L2 in multilingual contexts – 1eres i 2nes Llengües en contextos multilingües

 -       A conference for the wider local public (i.e. in Barcelona “CLUB 22”)
>You can find the program for the conference HERE<

 -        A conference for specialists (Peer Conference): linguists, specialists in Romance languages, specialists in Germanic languages
>You can find the program for the conference HERE<

·         A publication by De Gruyter in English for specialists worldwide

About the project:


The application within the framework of the program “Dialogue with Institutions of Higher Education in Southern Europe” gives us the opportunity to make the highly topical discourse in Catalonia regarding language education and language usage (which is especially advanced and highly topical due to its historical and social situation as a core element of the integration of incomers with other native speakers) available to our own young scientists, to a wider local public and to specialists in the field.

Both conferences will be carried out in Catalan and English respecting the Catalan language as an equal language in science which continues to be valid in the context of Catalan in public and private life. Catalan also provides a bridge to participants  from the city who usually include numerous principals, officials responsible for language and integration policy, regional government representatives, la Generalitat de Catalunya, and students at the Open University (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) who offer, amongst others, further education courses to teaching staff to gain additional qualifications and recommend attending events like those of CLUB and have even included these as part of their curricula.

About the project and its relevance in society: the use of the first and a second language (L1 and L2) in a multilingual context  is evident in all European countries as well as in countries outside Europe.

The scientists* and young scientists* from Germany, Rumania and Spain will present the current results of their research in the fields deixis, multimodality, semantic aspects of argumentation development and multilingualism not only to a wide public in and from Barcelona during the CLUB 22 lectures (Nov. 7, 2014) and discuss these topics with a specialist audience (conference on Nov. 6, 2014), but will also make these results available to a much larger group of experts worldwide through a publication in English.

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