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Since 1991 – the research colloquium “migration and minorities”
(Migration und Minderheiten) takes place (in summer term 2017 the 120th meeting).

The colloquium addresses the issue of migration and minorities from the perspective of sociolinguistics and the social sciences. Both European and non-European groups of migrants and minorities – in the past and today – will be subject to the colloquium, particularly with regard to the question of language contact and linguistic integration of those groups in Europe. Preferably, the seminar deals with work in progress. It is organised in the form of a block seminar where presentations of emerging or finished research projects are given (for instance bachelor and master thesis or dissertations), as well as lectures held by invited guests.
For 25 years, the colloquium has been a fixed event on the calendar of the university, initially starting at the Free University Berlin (1991-1993) and moving on to the European-University Viadrina in 1993, when Prof. em. Harald Weydt and Dr. Peter Rosenberg changed to Frankfurt/Oder. At first, the colloquium has been held in small groups of students in Schlaubetal, a beautiful river valley nearby the city. The number of students grew continuously, and during the last 17 years more than 1.000 participants (including students, guest lecturers and guests) have visited the colloquium until today.

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Overview: Every colloquium at the Professorial Chair from 1991 until 2017