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  • Schneider, Britta, Bettina Migge et al. in preparation. “Changing language ideological concepts in the human-machine era – questions and approaches” In: Sayers, Dave Joint publication of the COST network Language in the Human-Machine Era. (suggested to MIT Press)
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  • Von Mengden, Ferdinand and Britta Schneider. To appear. Linguistic Essentialism: methodological nationalism and (anti-)historicism in the history of linguistics. In: Hamans, Camiel and Hans Henrich Hock (eds.). Language, History, Ideology. The Use and Misuse of Historical-Comparative Linguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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  • Schneider, Britta. 2021. "The multiplex symbolic functions of Spanish in multilingual Belize." In When Creole and Spanish Collide: Language and Cultural Contact in the Caribbean, edited by Glenda-Alicia Leung and Miki Loschky. Leiden/Bosten: Brill.
  • Schneider, Britta and Theresa Heyd. 2021. “Reflecting traditions and inspiring new perspectives – Introduction” In: Schneider, Britta & Theresa Heyd, eds. Bloomsbury World Englishes Paradigms – Reflecting Traditions and Inspiring New Perspectives. London: Bloomsbury.


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  • Schneider, Britta. 2015. "Review: Pennycook, Alastair & Emi Otsuji. 2015. Metrolingualism. Language and the City. London: Routledge." Multilingua 35 (5) 

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