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Friday, June 1, 2018

Historical City and Viadrina Tour (10:00) (Meet in front of Audimax Building)
Lunch (12:00) (Gräfin-Dönhoff Building)
Registration (13:30) (Logensaal)

Conference Opening (14:00) (Logensaal)

Core Elements of Illiberalism (14:15-16:00) (Logensaal)

Jürgen Neyer (European University Viadrina): Saving Liberal Europe. Lessons From History

Thieß Petersen (Bertelsmann Foundation Gütersloh): The Liberal Order in Crisis – the economist’s view

Timm Beichelt (European University Viadrina): Illiberal Regimes in Central and Eastern Europe

Comments: Michael Minkenberg

Coffee break (16:00)

Illiberal Actors and Politics I: The Far Right (16:30-18:00) (Logensaal)

Michael Minkenberg (European University Viadrina): The Radical Right and Populism: What Challenges to the Liberal Order?

Radka Vicenová (Comenius University, Bratislava): Far-Right Vigilante Groups vs. Liberal Democracy

Comments: Cas Mudde (University of Georgia)

Dinner with Keynote Speech (18:30) (Restaurant EinsBe, Gartenstraße 1B, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder))

Ralf Fücks (Zentrum Liberale Moderne): Why Liberalism?

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Illiberal Actors and Politics II: Liberal Institutions and illiberal practices (09:00-10:30) (Logensaal)

Anja Hennig / Oliver Hidalgo (European University Viadrina / University of Regensburg): Religion and Illiberal Politics in Europe: Mechanisms, Conditions and Effects

Pablo Castillo-Ortiz (University of Sheffield): The Illiberal Abuse of Constitutional Courts in Europe

Comments: Cas Mudde (University of Georgia)

Coffee break (10:30)

How to Deal with Illiberalism (11:00-12:30) (Logensaal)

Lars Vogel (University of Leipzig): Elite Consensus and the Rise of Populism

Eszter Kováts (ELTE University, Budapest): Attacks on Human Rights and the Limits of Consensuses

Bouke de Vries (University of Göttingen): How should Liberal Democracies Treat Unreasonable Doctrines?

Comment: Jürgen Neyer

Boat Cruise on Oder River with Snacks (13:00) (Meet in front of Audimax Building at 12:45)

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