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Carmine Gino Chiellino

Chiellino_aktuell ©Jana Chiellino

Carmine Gino Chiellino, born in 1946 in Carlopoli (Italy), travelled to Germany for the first time in 1969 as part of research for his dissertation. He studied Italian and sociology at La Sapienza in Rome, followed by German studies. He wrote his PhD on the "Futurism Debate" at the University of Gießen. In addition to his work as an Italian lecturer, Chiellino devoted himself to researching literature and migration. He habilitated in Comparative Literature at the University of Augsburg in 1993 and was appointed Professor of Comparative Literature there in 2001. Chiellino is the editor of several standard works on questions of German-language literature and migration. For decades, he played a decisive role in shaping the academic discourse and at the same time developed central academic terminology in this context.

Parallel to his academic activities, Chiellino has been writing poetry in German under the name Gino Chiellino since 1976. In 1987, he received the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize for his literary work. To date, he has published numerous collections of his own poetry. They bear titles such as "Sehnsucht nach Sprache" (1987), "Weil Rosa die Weberin... Ausgewählte Gedichte 1977-1991 (2005), "Landschaft aus Menschen und Tagen" (2010). His most recent publication is the novel "The Angel Photographer: A Childhood in Calabria" (2016).

Carmine Gino Chiellino was the founder and temporary chairman of PoLiKunst (Polynational Literature and Art Association) in 1980, edited the series "Südwind Gastarbeiterdeutsch" and founded the research group "Parolavissuta" in 2008 to study intercultural literature in Europe.

Carmine Gino Chiellino's actions as a scholar, lyricist and arts promoter are unparalleled in this field in their abundance, tireless commitment and reach. His broad interest in the field of intercultural literature is also reflected in the Chiellino Library, which he left to the European University Viadrina as a legacy in the summer of 2018.

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