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Chiellino Research Unit for literature and migration

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The Chiellino Research Unit for Literature and Migration with the Chiellino Library at its centre is a place of vibrant exchange for students and academics with migration and literature in research, teaching and in public events. In addition to the supervision of qualification theses from the bachelor's thesis to the habilitation in the field of migration research as well as a regular teaching programme in this area, the already existing reading series "Zwischen()Welten - Deutschsprachige Literatur der Gegenwart" (Between()Worlds - Contemporary German Literature) with contemporary authors is being further distinguished in cooperation with the City and Regional Library Frankfurt (Oder).

The open discussion forum "Moving Europe - Open Forum Migration and Literature", which has had a lasting impact on the culture of discussion not only at the European University Viadrina but also in the border city of Frankfurt (Oder) with renowned guest lectures and intensive workshops, is also being continued with the aim of offering academics and students a constant forum to continue to critically reflect on current trends and discussions in the field of migration and literature. In times of globalisation and increasing refugee and migration flows, this concern is more topical than ever.

Furthermore, the Chiellino Research Unit for Literature and Migration not only strives to network with migration researchers within the European University Viadrina, but also works constantly to intensify a lively exchange with other national and international scholars who conduct migration research. In particular, the research colloquium "DIASPORA - EXIL - MIGRATION. Methodical and Theoretical Approaches" offers relevant (international) speakers the opportunity to present their current research on migration and literature as guests at the European University Viadrina.