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We are very happy to announce that the fourth workshop on Mapping Multimodal Dialogue MaMuD 4 will take place at the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany, on November 23 and 24, 2017. 

MaMuD is an (informal) international workshop bringing together a multidisciplinary community of both junior and senior researchers, interested in multimodal communication and interaction. The aim of the workshop is to foster discussion among participants on main theoretical issues in a small group of participants, aside from national and international conferences. MaMuD was initiated by Irene Mittelberg’s Natural Media Lab (RWTH Aachen). Two further workshops took place in Leuven (Kurt Feyarts, Gert Brône) and in Lille (Maarten Lemmens). The thematic focus of MaMuD 4 is “Multimodality: Embodiment and Intersubjectivity”. These two aspects of multimodality are understood and discussed differently within cognitive and interactional frameworks and, as such, pose challenges for the research on multimodal phenomena. MaMuD 4 aims at offering room to reflect on these theoretical concepts from the various perspectives represented in the MaMuD community and to discuss empirical issues arising from these notions. 



Registration for the workshop is now open until the 16 October. You can register via the following online form. 



We plan about 12 slots for presentations, a data session and keynote speeches by the following researchers: 


Arnulf Deppermann,

Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim University, Mannheim (Germany)

(conversation analysis, interactional linguistics, multimodal interaction) 


or follow the link1 or link2 for further information on Arnulf Deppermann.

Jens Lanwer, 

Institut für Germanistik, University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen (Germany)

(construction grammar, conversation analysis, variationist sociolinguistics) 


or follow the link for further information on Jens Lanwer.



Venue and Location


The European University Viadrina is located directly at the heart of Europe, at the German-Polish border alongside the Oder River in Frankfurt/Oder.

Since its reestablishment in the year 1991, Viadrina has strictly adhered to its concept of bringing young people together from every corner of the world. This concept has proven to be successful: Viadrina has grown to become a lively, highly regarded member in the community of German and European universities.

The MaMuD international workshop will take place in the Auditorium Maximum. Its modern seminar rooms provide an appropriate and supportive setting for collaborative work, concentrated discussion as well as relaxed exchange.


Auditorium Maximum

Logenstraße 4

15230 Frankfurt/Oder 

   Campusplan_546 ©Europa-Universität Viadrina



Arrival and Hotels

Getting to Frankfurt/Oder

Departing every 30 minutes, the Deutsche Bahn’s regional express train (RE 1) runs regularly to Frankfurt/Oder calling at the following rail stations in Berlin: Zoologischer Garten, Hauptbahnhof, Friedrichstraße, Alexanderplatz, and Ostbahnhof. The stop Frankfurt/Oder is the closest one to the European University Viadrina where the MaMuD 4 takes place.


Arriving in Frankfurt/Oder

From the train station (Bahnhof Frankfurt/Oder), take the 2 tram all the way to the last station Europa-Universität. It brings you right in front of the Gräfin-Dönhoff building (D on the map) of which Auditorium Maximum (B on the map), is situated north, only a 1-minute walk across the Europaplatz. If you choose to walk from the train station, the walk or the Auditorium Maximum a 15-minute walk.

For more information on the train routes or departure times, please visit the Deutsche Bahn’s official website here:



Below, you can find recommendations for accommodation either close to the MaMuD venue or at a central location that’s not too far away.


City Residence Hotel Frankfurt-Oder

single room: 45€  

walking distance to Auditorium Maximum: 10 min

City Park Hotel

single room: 60€ (including breakfast)
walking distance to Auditorium Maximum: 5 min

Hotel zur Alten Oder

single room: from 49€ (+8€ breakfast)
walking distance to Auditorium Maximum: 12 min

Palais am Kleistpark

standard: 55€ (+9,50€ breakfast)
distance to Auditorium Maximum: 5 min by public transportation, 15 min walk



European University Viadrina

Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences

Große Scharrnstr. 59

D-15320 Frankfurt (Oder)



- MaMuD 4 organizing team -

Cornelia Müller, Silva Ladewig, Dorothea Horst, Lena Hotze