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European and International Politics


We work on describing various aspects of the shifting boundaries between the realms of international, European and domestic politics as well as the corresponding shift of the borders between the principles of majoritarian democracy and the rule of law. The analysis of the interlinkage between both processes describes the core of our empirical research interests. The chair is also strongly interested in normative issues. We enquire into the ways in which European and international governance practices are legitimated and how these strategies can be justified.

Focus and expertise:

  • Institutional structure and functioning of the EU-system
  • Process of constitutionalization of the EU (primary and secondary law)
  • Theories of European Integration
  • Principles of legitimisation of the EU and normative reflections based on justice theories (political philosophy)
  • Discursivity of political processes within the EU and European foreign policy, based on deliberative theories
  • Rationality and effects of European expansion policy
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