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Photo: Winfried Mausolf
Summer Universities of our Faculty in 2014

The originally planned VSU 2014 "Borders, Migration, Identities" can't be carried out.

Our faculty and university offers interesting Summer Programmes and Courses:


„Summer School of Interdisciplinary Polish Studies”

Center for Interdisziplinary Polish Studies

PD Dr. Dagmara Jajesniak-Quast

9 June  - 18 July 2014


"Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion across Europe and the USA: Thinking Beyond Identities"

TASI Summer School with Minneapolis

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anika Keinz

8. July – 20 July 2014


"Global Studies"

organised by the Department for International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Klaus Mueller / Dr. Jan Wielgohs

26 May - 04 July 2014



Viadrina Football Summer in Social Science: “Football and the Politics of Emotion: Identity, Integration, Insanity”

Prof. Dr. Michael Minkenberg / Prof. Dr. Timm Beichelt


Viadrina Summer University


has become a renown annual event at our faculty. Beginning in 2005 it is now part of the university's regular schedule. (Nearly) Every year we choose a new topic from a wide range of interesting fields from the cultural siences.

Our Summer Schools offer a very special, lively and inspiring time for our guests as well as our teaching and organising staff.

For impressions about the programmes so far, please visit the Archives.