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Normative Power Europe?

European Political Culture in Global Politics


The summer university deals with the role of the European Union in international politics. Analysing the EU in international politics has traditionally been dominated by the political sciences. Since recently, a number of other disciplines have entered the debate. Lawyers describe legal structures, historical sciences analyse historical legacies, and cultural approaches describe national traditions which structure the perception of the self and the other. Although legal, historical and cultural sciences have all contributed important findings to understanding EU foreign policy, it is hard to overlook that truly interdisciplinary approaches are still missing. The summer university will contribute to overcoming this desiderates by bringing together different disciplinary perspectives to the analysis of “Europe in the world”. We will intensely discuss the thesis that the EU is a “normative power” which tries to project its own democratic norms onto other states and critically examine its explanatory power for understanding the EU’s role in the global politics of the 21st century.


Who can participate?

Viadrina Summer University welcomes advanced students and young researchers from the social sciences, economics, humanities, and law. Applications from candidates who already hold a first degree and/or have specialized in issues related to the program will receive preferential treatment. Full-time attendance of the Summer University is obligatory for all participants. Proficiency in English is required as all parts of the program will be taught in English


Teaching and Syllabus

The Summer University combines lectures, small seminar discussions, student presentations, practical training and case studies. Details on the course program, reading requirements and syllabus are available on this website.



The Viadrina Summer University Certificate requires active participation in one core course, three seminars, one workshop and three lectures. Participants who wish to transfer their credit points to their home universities are expected to submit a research paper and a short seminar presentation. Students can earn up to 18 ECTS-points.


Course fees and fellowships

The registration fee of € 100.- includes tuition, course materials and other costs related to the course program. The Summer University offers 25 fellowships provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Foreign Office for foreign participants. Fellowships cover tuition, accommodation, travelling costs and a lump sum of € 100.- for meals and living costs. Travelling costs will be reimbursed according to the regulations of the DAAD.

The Summer University is open to a limited number of regular Viadrina students who will not have to pay the registration fee.


Application: New Deadline for Applications is 15 April 2009.


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