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Chair: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller

Room AM 132
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Phone: +49 (0) 335 5534 2730

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Research activities

From october 2015 to september 2016 Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller is joining the DFG Research College „Cinepoetics - Poetologies of the audiovisual image“ []. She will be represented by Dr. Silva Ladewig, whose position as chair holder is funded by the Research College.

Together with the speakers, Prof. Dr. Müller is preparing the annual topic „Metaphor - Cognition and cinematic thought“.

„The occupation with theories around metaphor and metaphorology marks the beginning of the work of the Research College Cinepoetics - Poetologies of the audiovisual image. Our research is based on linguistic and cognitive models of metaphors. At the core of our work lies the question how processes of metaphorization are related to cinematic thought. Does the acquisition of cinematic images, the poiesis of film-watching analytically compare to the analysis of shared metaphors dynamically evolving over the course of a conflict talk?“ []