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Chair: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller

 Room AM 132

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Research foci

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller works on multimodal forms of language use, focusing on embodied processes of meaning emergence in co-speech gesture, on conventionalization processes in gestures, as well as on the experiential dynamics of metaphorical meaning in speech, gestures, and audiovisual media.

She has published on multimodal forms of language use, focusing on gesture as an expressive medium (motivation and conventionalization), on embodied processes of multimodal communication, and on the experiential dynamics of metaphoric meaning in speech, gesture, and audiovisual media. Cornelia Müller directed several interdisciplinary projects researching interfaces between gesture and the dynamics of language. She is Associate Researcher at Cinepoetics, Center for Advanced Film Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. As a Cinepoetics Senior Fellow, she co-directed the center’s work on the annual focus 'Film Images, Cinematic Thinking, and Cognition' (2015/16, together with Hermann Kappelhoff and Michael Wedel). From 2007 to 2012 she was a principal investigator at the interdisciplinary research center Languages of Emotion (Freie Universität Berlin, 2007-2014). Cornelia Müller launched and edited the journal Gesture and the book series Gesture Studies (until 2010, with Adam Kendon). She is editor-in-chief of Body – Language – Communication: An international Handbook on Multimodality in Human Interaction (Mouton De Gruyter 2013, 2014). Her book Redebegleitende Gesten (Spitz) was published in 1998 and in 2008 Metaphors, Dead and Alive, Sleeping and Waking: A Dynamic View (University of Chicago Press) came out. Together with Alan Cienki, she edited Metaphor and Gesture (Benjamins 2008) and has written several articles on metaphor and gesture. Other publications include further edited volumes, articles, and book chapters on multimodal metaphor and co-speech gestures. She currently prepares a textbook on gesture and language (with Jana Bressem and Silva H. Ladewig, Routledge, to appear).


Recent publications include:

  • The open access paper:
    "Gesture and Sign: Cataclysmic Break or Dynamic Relations?" by  Cornelia Müller, published in Frontiers in Psychology, section Language Sciences. To view the online publication, please click here.




  • PhD board member of the Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences