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Chair of Comparative Politics

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Our Chair is dedicated in both its teaching and research to those questions that focus on the ways in which democracies and other forms of governance work. We attempt to trace the cultural foundations of politics while also bearing in mind the actions and intentions of political and social actors and their impact on society. We have expertise in and a particular focus on the following topics:

• The relationship between religion and politics

• Integration policies in societies affected by migration

• Nationalism and right-wing radicalism in nation-states undergoing change

• Capital cities and how they function within political systems

• Political consultancy

Our comparative perspective is focussed primarily on democracies in western Europe and overseas, as well as the newer democracies in central eastern Europe.

  • Important Information for MA students and BA examinants
Those who teach for the Chair of Comparative Politics, Prof. Dr. Michael Minkenberg, Dr. Anja Hennig, Dr. Jürgen Treulieb, Malisa Zobel and Artur Kopka (BA dissertations and oral examinations), will only supervise MA dissertations for students who have successfully completed a course in Methods under one of them, as well as a Methods course run by one of the other professors of the faculty, preferably those oriented towards the social sciences (Professors Beichelt, Minkenberg, Neyer, Schiffauer, Schwarz).
Students on the Double Masters programme (Istanbul, Poznań, Strasbourg) are exempted from this rule and will be considered on an individual basis.


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