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Important information for students in the Master's programs:

Teaching staff at the Chair of Comparative Politics, Prof. Michael Minkenberg, Prof. Gert-Rüdiger Wegmarshaus, Dr. Anja Hennig, Dr. Artur Kopka only accept Master's theses from students who have taken and completed a course by the respective teacher and who have also taken and successfully completed a methods course at one of the faculty's professorships; preferably with a social science orientation (at the Beichelt, Minkenberg, Neyer professorships or at one of the sociology professorships).

Students with double degrees (Istanbul, Poznań, Strasbourg) are exempt from this rule; they may apply individually.

Information for using the central management system moodle:

Information and instructions for using the central learning management system (LMS) moodle of the European University Viadrina can be found here!