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Didactic Concept

SKILL develops innovative didactic concepts that make artificial intelligence usable for the study of international relations at BA and MA level. SKILL is based on the assumption that AI provides helpful tools (chatgpt, elicit, etc.) that can be used to support the most important steps in the research process (development of a research question, literature research, argumentation structure, etc.) without reducing the quality of academic work.

SKILL introduces annotation notebooks to document the use of AI in the research process. Students describe in detail the process of using AI (prompts, answers, etc.), their use of AI tools and their learning experiences. Annotation notebooks thus make the research process more comprehensible and reflective. Not only the finished product (the text) is assessed, but also the research process itself and its reflection.

SKILL develops an AI tool for searching for and analysing arguments. Students are familiarised with the annotation technology in seminars and involved in the development process of the search engine.


Classes and Seminares

Students can choose one of two courses:

  • Introduction to International Relations (for students of BA Law and Politics). The course combines classical hermeneutic methods of text comprehension with a method of deep reading based on natural language processing (NLP). Here, sentences are individually annotated with the aim of determining their respective argumentation-logical status in such a way that the developed algorithm can process them.
  • The Politics of Sovereignty in International Regulation (for MA students: MES, MASS, MoDE). The course is aimed at students who, in addition to an interest in the topic, are open to writing term papers with the help of innovative AI tools such as chatGPT, elicit, research rabbitt or deepl and to document their research process with an argumentation notebooks (to be provided by the instructor). In the course, classical text work is combined with an application of these tools.