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Seminar Papers

Dear Students,

On these pages you will find hints on how to write Term Papers and Master Theses.


General Guidelines

- Students may write their Bachelor or Master Thesis under my supervision only when they have successfully completed one of my courses during their Master Degree or main course of studies. It is desirable that students have achieved a certificate in the course by writing a Seminar Paper.

- Those students who have taken one of my courses during their course of studies are eligible to sit their oral exam with me.

- Students who participate in my courses and wish to obtain a certificate must hand their Seminar Papers in before or on the due date. Those students who have a problem with meeting the deadline must contact me in advance and well before the due date.


Important information

Tips for writing Seminar Papers


Outline for a Term Paper


Declaration of Own Work


Recommendations on how to write term papers (in English):


yours sincerely,

Timm Beichelt