Entangled History of Ukraine - Prof. Dr. Andrii Portnov

Chair of Entangled History of Ukraine

The Chair of Entangled History of Ukraine encompasses all aspects of academic pursuit with regard to culture, history and society of Ukraine and its entanglements in the Central/Eastern European neighborhood. Founded in 2017, our Chair devoted itself to developing organized a range of activities including conferences, summer and winter schools, photography exhibitions, film screenings and excursions.

Our Chair deals with Ukraine`s diverse, controversial, tragic, surprising and illuminating history, culture and society in transnational and interdisciplinary ways. We consider Ukrainian studies as a field with numerous entanglements with Jewish, German, Ottoman, Polish, Russian, and Soviet history and cultural studies.

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Katerynoslav in late 19th century. Postcard from Prof. Portnov collection.



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Our research

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Here you can find an overview of the current and past lectures and seminars offered by the Prof. Dr. Andrii Portnov and his team.

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Prof. Dr. Andrii Portnov

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