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Excursion "Historical Dresden"

Sunday, 03rd July 2011

Your guides: Kathrin Goeritz and Ruth Schaefers



Meeting at Priestergasse (just behind the main building of our university)

07:30 Coach (kuki-Reisen) to Dresden


11:00 Guided walk through the historic city center of Dresden (igeltours-Dresden)


12:00 to 13:00 Lunch break (there are lots of restaurants, bars etc. around)



Guided visit "Frauenkirche" Dresden - first group (20 participants)



Guided visit "Frauenkirche" Dresden - second group (20 participants)


  Leisure time to explore the picturesque city of Dresden


Some suggestions:

Zwinger and Semper Galerie

"The old masters" - Famous paintings in the Zwinger Galerie

"The Dresden Transport museum"

"Albertinum" - Famous paintings 19th and 20th century and beautiful Sculpture Collection

Brühlsche Terasse

"Green Vault" (there are two exhibitions, for the "Historic Green Vault" you have to buy tickets in advance!)

Rathausturm (Tower of the Guide Hall with a fantastic view over Dresden)

Kreuzkirche (Lutheranien Church who hosts the famous Dresdener Kreuzchor)

Katholische Hofkirche (Katholic Court Church)

Semper Opera House (guided tours are offered regularly)

Prager Straße (Shopping street, built partly at GDR-times, with typical architecture)

Walking along the Elbe river on the opposite site to have the breathtaking  "Canaletto view" on Dresden City Centre

Please have a look at the website of "Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden", or

the official website of the City Dresden


Coach back to Frankfurt (Oder), meeting "Am Zwingerteich"