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Programme VSU 2011


"Post-Socialist Cultures and Societies"

European-University Frankfurt (Oder) - Germany

19th June - 05th July 2011


Supported by DAAD with funding from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany




Schedule VSU 2011 - overview (pdf)


We would like to thank all of our participants, guest lecturers, guides of our excursions and colleagues who helped us in organising for a really great time!


Welcome Adress:

Dr. Gunter Pleuger (President of the European University Viadrina)


Keynote Lecture: "Building European Integration. A Visit to Three Current Construction Sites"

Prof. Dr. em. Claus Offe (Berlin):


Core Courses

Core Course I: The role of history and cultural legacies in post-socialist politics

Apl.-Prof. Dr. Gert-Ruediger Wegmarshaus


Core Course II:  Post-socialist political regimes and socio-economic developments 

Dr. Jan Wielgohs


Seminars / Lectures / Workshops / Excursions


Lecture: "Elites and Masses in the Transformation Process in Eastern Central Europe: The Case of Poland 1980-1989"

Prof. Dr. Dieter Bingen (German Institute for Polish Studies Darmstadt)


Lecture: "Landscapes of meories after commuism: processes of remembering and forgetting"

Prof. Dr. Claudia Kraft (University Erfurt)


Lecture: "EU Foreign and Neighborhood Policy"

Prof. Dr. Beverly Crawford (University of Berkeley, California)


Lecture: "Towards a New Anti-Totalitarian consensus? Remembering Germany's Dictatorial Past and the Transition to Democracy after 1945 and 1989"

PD Dr. Thomas Schaarschmidt (ZZF Potsdam)


Lecture: "Revolution, Transformation and Reform" and Seminar "Transformation Theroies"

PD Dr. phil. habil. Raj Kollmorgen (University Magdeburg)


Workshop: "GDR Biographies in Oral History"

Maria Hiebsch (IAH)


Seminar: "City Study Tour. Collective Memories in FFO and Slubice"

Dr. Felix Ackermann (IAH)


Exkurxion: 25th June: Eisenhuettenstadt


Excursion: 26th June: Berlin


Lecture (CC I): "Poetry and Memory in Soviet and Independent Lithuania: The Stoic and the Neurotic: Tomas Venclova and Sigitas Parulskis"

Dr. Claudia Sinnig (Freelance Writer)


Workshop (CC I): "Pride and prejudice. History in Polish-German relations"

Dr. Maciej Gorny


Workshop: "Forms of Memory of war and injustice"

Alice von Bieberstein / Dr. Felix Ackermann (IAH)


Workshop: "Reflections and Conclusion on the Workshop "Forms of Memory"

Alice von Bieberstein / Dr. Felix Ackermann (IAH)


Lecture: "Peculiatities of Post-Socialist Party Systems"

Dr. Claudia Matthes (HU-Berlin)


Lecture and Seminar "Church and Religion in Post-Socialist Europe"

Dr. Olaf Müller (University Muenster)


Lecture: "The way of FIDESZ from the Young Democrats' oppositon party to the governing populist party"

Istvan Hegedüs, PhD


Seminar: "The European Neigbourhood Policy: Towards Post-Socialist Europe"

Dr. Anne Faber (EUV)


Seminar (CC II): "Social Inequality in CEE"

Prof. Dr. Anna Schwarz (European-University Viadrina)

Seminar: "The Stasi in German and European Memory"

Dr. Jens Gieseke (Center for Contemporary History Potsdam)


Workshop: "The Communist State Security Police (Stasi) Files"

Dr. Bernd Florath


Lecture and Seminar: "The Long Shadow of Stalinism in Central and Eastern Europe"

Prof. Dr. Olaf Mertelsmann


Lecture and Seminar (in Core-Course II) "Post-Socialist Economies"

Prof. Dr. Raul Eamets (University of Tartu/ Estonia)


Lecture (CC I): "Katyn"

Prof. Dr. Werner Benecke (EUV)


Workshop and Excursion: 02nd July: Oder-River

Stephan Felsberg (IAH)


Excursion 03rd July: Dresden


Seminar: "Legal Culture and the Rule of Law in CEE"

Stefan Hanisch, M. A. (EUV)


Lecture (CC 1): "The culture of Collective Memory in Post-Soviet Russia"

Dr. Michael Hagemeister (EUV)