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Excursion "Oder-River"

Saturday, 2nd July 2011

Your guide: Stefan Felsberg (IAH)


meeting at 15:00 Holzmarkt Frankfurt (Oder)


Dear participants,

our trip on 2nd July to the international Roma festival Romane Dyvesa can not take place.

Unfortunately the reconstruction of the festival amphitheatre in Gorzow will not be finished untill this day, so we prepared an alternative program for that day.

Instead of an excursion to the polish Roma culture we will have a look on a phenomenon located neither in Germany nor in Poland, but somewhere in between: the Oder river.

On a boat trip we are going to discover different faces of this central European river and we will get new perspectives on Frankfurt, Slubice and its surroundings.

That is why the Oder is more than just a river. For centuries it has been an important root of transport, even for the Hanse trade union. For decades it was one of the most secured borderlines all over Europe. But at the same the river is a symbol of polish-german friendship. And even Viadrina, as you might know, meens "on the Oder".

The boat trip will take two hours from Frankfurt and Slubice to the south, passing the railway and autoroute bridge and giving an excursus to nazi history and the former forced labour camp "Oderblick".

After the trip we will have a barbecue on the pier.

Stephan Felsberg