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Archive VSU 2012

The Culture of Football: Passion, Power, Politics

Supported by DAAD with funding from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany

Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences

Sunday, 03rd June  (Arrival) – Thursday, 21 June 2012 (Departure)

Organizer: Prof. Dr. Michael Minkenberg / Prof. Dr. Timm Beichelt


You can now find interesting articles (in German) about VSU 2012 in our university magazine "UniOn" number 62 (pages 62 and 63).


There were 30 participants from different countries dealing with all aspects concerning Football. The atmosphere was great and we all have learned a lot from each other. Thanks  for a fantastic time! (Kathrin Goeritz for the VSU-team).


Keynote Lecture "Gaming the World: How Sports Are Reshaping Global Politcs and Culture"
Prof. Dr. Andrei Markovits

Seminar: "Sports Cultures in Historical and Comparative Perspective on Both Sides of the Atlantic: A Special Emphasis on Gender"
Prof. Dr. Andrei Markovits

Core course 1: "Football and the Politics of Identity"
Prof. Dr. Michael Minkenberg

Core course 2: "The Political Economy of Football"
Prof. Dr. Timm Beichelt

Lecture and Seminar: "News and Pure Signals: The Case of a Publicly Traded Fooball Club"
Prof. Dr. Georg Stadtmann

Lecture and Seminar: "Football culture and practices in Central and Eastern Europe"
Prof. Dr. Michal Buchowski

Movie evening I and discussion (History of German Football)

Excursion to Luebbenau/Lehde

Seminar: "EURO 2012 and territorial marketing: local actors and global event"
Dr. Tomasz Branka

Seminar: "EURO 2012 as a Media Sport Event"
Dr. Agnieszka Stepinska

Field Trip I: Berlin, 09th June

Lecture and Seminar: "European Sport Policies"
Prof. Dr. Juergen Mittag

"Fans' embassies and self-organized grassroot-structures at European level"
Daniela Wurbs

Lecture: "The beginnings of women's football - a comparison of four countries (USA, Germany, France and England)"
and Seminar: "The historical development and the present situation of women's football in Germany"

Prof. Dr. Gertrud Ursula  Pfister

Lecture and Seminar: "Football and Masculinity"
Prof. Dr. Michael Kimmel

Field Trip II: Poznan/Warsaw, 15th to 17th June

Lecture: "University involvement in the event preparation EURO 2012"
Dr. Tomasz Branka

Lecture and Seminar: "Politics and Football in Germany: A Story about close cooperation, money and popularity"
Prof. Dr. Uwe Jun

Workshop "Processing VSU 2012"
reports, presentations, discussion
(Here you can find all participants presentations in the Core Courses and from the workshop)

Movie evening II (filmlets / documentaries)
Anne Langer

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