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Lecture and Seminar: Dr. Steffen Angenendt

Root causes of contemporary unfree labour


Course description:




The lecture reviews explanations considered as root causes of contemporary unfree labour in political and academic discussions. Particular attention is devoted to the dealing with irregular migrant workers’ exploitation within the context of the current debate on international development and the proposal for ‚circular migration schemes’. A consideration of the impact and side-effects of already implemented and proposed measures to prevent situations of unfree labour of migrant workers will complement the lecture. 



The subsequent opens the space to discuss policy implications and current politics in the area of migration management pursued in the European Union


Recommended reading:

Angenendt,Steffen: Irregular Migration as an International Problem. Risks and Options, SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 04, July 2008,

Angenendt, Steffen: Mobility Partnerships – The Future of European Migration Policy?, in: Migration and Development, Nr. 2, 2012, S. 216-228.