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Heyd, Theresa & Britta Schneider. 2019. The Sociolinguistics of Late Modern Publics. Special Issue in Journal of Sociolinguistics.

Heyd, Theresa, Ferdinand von Mengden & Britta Schneider (eds.) 2019. The Sociolinguistic Economy of Berlin. Berlin: de Gruyter.
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Borchmann, Simon, Carsten Levisen & Britta Schneider (eds.). 2019. Biases in Linguistics. Special Issue in Language Sciences 76.


  • Schneider, Britta (in preparation). Liquid Languages. Polymorphous Acts of Identity and the Fluidity of Language Categories in Linguistically Complex Belize
  • Schneider, Britta. 2014. Salsa, Language and Transnationalism. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

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  • Schneider, Britta and Ferdinand von Mengden. (in preparation). “Modern linguistics – a case of methodological nationalism? Historical perspectives on national discourse and ideologies of monolingualism in epistemes of linguistics.” In: Hamans, Camiel and Hans Henrich Hock (eds.). Language, History, Ideology. The Use and Misuse of Historical-Comparative Linguistics.
  • Schneider, Britta (accepted for publication). "Language in transnational communities of consumption – indexical functions of English in Third-Wave Coffee Culture." In: Rüdiger, Sofia & Susanne Mühleisen (eds.). Talking about Food – The Social and the Global in Eating Communities. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
  • Schneider, Britta (in preparation). "Spanish in the face of Kriol prestige – language ideological observations on the role of Spanish in Belize." In: Leung, Glenda-Alicia, Miki Loschky & Harald Leusmann (eds.) When Creole and Spanish Collide: Language and Cultural Contact in the Caribbean. Leiden/Bosten: Brill.
  • Schneider, Britta, Theresa Heyd und Ferdinand von Mengden. 2019. "The sociolinguistic economy of Berlin. Cosmopolitan studies of language, diversity and social space." In: Heyd, Theresa, Ferdinand von Mengden & Britta Schneider (eds.) The Sociolinguistic Economy of Berlin. Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • Heyd, Theresa & Britta Schneider. (accepted for publication). Anglophone communities in Germany: the case of Berlin. English in the German-Speaking World, ed. by R. Hickey. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Schneider, Britta (accepted for publication). "English vs. Kriol vs. Spanish – The contested role of colonial language ideologies in multilingual Belize." Proceedings of the BCLL Postcolonial Knowledges conference (BCLL #3). Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing.
  • Schneider, Britta. 2017. "Community and language in transnational music styles. Symbolic meanings of Spanish in Salsa and Reggaeton." In: Mühleisen, Susanne (ed.). Contested Communities. (Series: Cross/Cultures. Readings in Post/Colonial Literatures and Cultures in English). Leiden/Boston: Brill. 239-260. 
  • Schneider, Britta. 2017. “Language choices in Belizean literature: the politics of language in transnational Caribbean space.” In: Gilmour, Rachael and Tamar Steinitz (eds.). Multilingual Currents in Literature, Translation and Culture. London: Routledge. 106-131.
  • Schneider, Britta. 2017. “‘It’s Kriol they’re speaking!’ – Constructing language boundaries in multilingual and ethnically complex communities.” In: Elmiger, Daniel et al. (eds.) Bulletin VALS-ASLA: Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquée. Neuchâtel : Institut de Linguistique de l’Université de Neuchâtel. 
  • Schneider, Britta. 2016. “Languages of migrants.” In: Wiesand, Andreas J., Kalliopi Chainoglou, Anna Śledzińska-Simon and Yvonne Donders (eds.). Culture and Human Rights – The Wroclaw Commentaries. Berlin: de Gruyter. 216-217.
  • Schneider, Britta. 2016. “Language ideologies beyond ethnicity – observing popular music styles and their potential relevance for understanding processes of endangerment.” In: Pütz, Martin and Neele Mundt (ed.). Endangered Languages in Context: Social, Educational and Developmental Perspectives. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. 133-156.
  • Schneider, Britta. 2014. “‘Oh boy, ¿hablas español?’ – Salsa and the multiple value of authenticity in late capitalism.” In: Lacoste, Véronique, Leimgruber, Jakob and Thiemo Breyer (eds.). Indexing Authenticity: Sociolinguistic Perspectives. FRIAS Linguae & Litterae series. Berlin: de Gruyter. 113-135.


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