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GAL Conference 2015


“Multilingualism in Border Regions”

The public panel discussion on Multilingualism in Border Regions looks into the opportunities and challenges of language contact in various German border regions.

Experts from the scientific and practical fields stemming from regions bordering with Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands and France will discuss the current state as well as propose solutions to the problems common to border regions, in which language skills and acquisition are unevenly distributed on both sides of the border.

Some of the participants include:

  • Maria Bonner, Syddansk Universitet Sønderborg (University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg)
  • Regina Gellrich, Sächsische Landesstelle für frühe nachbarsprachige Bildung (Saxon State Office for Early Neighbouring-Language Education)
  • Ruud Halink, Talenacademie Niederlande (Talen Academy Netherlands)
  • Martin Kujawa, Deutsch-Polnische Gesellschaft (German-Polish Association)
  • Roland Marti, Universität des Saarlandes Saarbrücken (Saarland University in Saarbrücken)
  • Albert Raasch, Universität des Saarlandes Saarbrücken (Saarland University in Saarbrücken)
  • Achim Rabus, Universität Jena (Jena University)

All those interested are cordially invited to join; admission is free.

Date: 24.09.2015, 5pm-7pm

Location: Small auditorium, Collegium Polonicum in Słubice