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In our team, we are interested in relationships between language, society, migration, and technology. We examine how digital cultures (re)shape linguistic norms and community definitions, explore how multilingualism influences identity and social dynamics, critically analyse media representations and the role of language in social inclusion and exclusion practices. Our work is rooted in critical sociolinguistic, linguistic anthropological and discourse analytical methodologies, aiming to provide insights into the ways language intersects with social and material processes in an increasingly interconnected world. 



Special Issue "Posthumanist Sociolinguistics" just published!

Schneider, Britta & Theresa Heyd. 2024. Posthumanist Sociolinguistics. Special Issue in Signs and Society 12

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Article published in Multilingua!

Leblebici, Didem. 2024. "“You are Apple, why are you speaking to me in Turkish?”: the role of English in voice assistant interactions" Multilingua.

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Article published in Discourse and Society!

Pilyarchuk, Kateryna. 2024. "In/exclusion in fashion discourse: Are we in or out?" Discourse & Society.

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Friday 11.00
2024 PhD Viadrilinguistics Summer Workshop

2024 PhD Viadrilinguistics Summer Workshop

We invite all our fellow colleagues, graduate students (PhD and MA), to participate in this year’s Viadrilinguistics Summer Workshop. We want to celebrate and spread the ongoing research undertaken by our postgraduate research community. For registration, send us a mail: and Click for detailed programme.

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Saturday 11.00
Department-Kolloquium Summer Term 2024-4-2

Department Colloquium: Posthumanist Approaches to Language - From Technology to Animal Discourse

On 6th of July, we will hear talks from Miriam Lind, Pamela Steen and Carsten Levisen in AM 03. To register, please send an email to

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Academic Staff Members

PhD Students

Research Assistant: Anuschka Beese

Affiliated Member: Dr. Miriam Lind 

Secretary: Diana Ambroselli

Prof. Dr. Britta Schneider

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Secretary: Diana Ambroselli

Große Scharrnstr. 59
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Office: HG 011
Tel.: +49 (0) 335 5534 2495

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List of publications at the Chair of Language Use and Migration

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Lectures, conferences and workshops organised at the Chair of Language Use and Migration are recorded and available in our media portal.

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